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About Our Shop

Little T's Boutique was started in 2012 in a kitchen making tutus. Tiffany Cooper, designer and owner of Little T's Boutique, is a self taught designer and seamstress who makes everything from mind. Here at Little T's we strive to receive a 5 star rating from customers. Our garments are original and unique because we do not use pattern guides or sketch. We are like artist with a blank canvas. Our designs begin the moment we make our first cut into our fabric. We take seasons, cultures, elements, etc to design each and every garment. We go by measurements normally but can and will go by sizes. Our clothing is age appropriate and is for all genders, ages, and sizes. Send us a message with measurements or sizes for your next custom design. We also have memberships now where you pay a monthly fee and receive 12 outfits a year plus are able to attend many events throughout the year including but not limited to fashion shows, trade shows, celebrity gifting suites, and photo shoots across the WORLD. Contact us at or by the contact page to find out more details or order your custom design Today.